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APS Monitor (EMA)

The APS Monitor, our robust wireless Energy Monitoring & Analysis (EMA) software, enables comprehensive, web-based monitoring that analyzes and reports the performance of each module.

In contrast to string inverter technologies, the APS Monitor provides monitoring and control of each individual module and microinverter in your array. This allows installers and users the capability to more effectively optimize the array over its lifetime.

Through advanced communication with the APS Communicator, the APS Monitor promptly detects any performance issues, pinpointing the location and nature of the problem and providing precise guidance for necessary maintenance, all within our user-friendly graphic interface.

Access to this detailed information about the operation of your modules ensures that the performance of your solar array is optimized throughout the life of the installation.

  • Features

    Monitors and allows analysis of each solar module and microinverter

    Allows remote access to the solar array

    Shows performance issues and alerts the user to inverter events

    Communicates in real-time

    Shows historical energy graphs assisting potential system troubleshooting