Specifications 2011 New Modular design 1.Highe efficiency: 90lm/w
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 with NICHIA LEDs 2. Flexible installation angle  
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December 09, 2011 @ 12:31:10 AM EST


2011 New Modular design
1.Highe efficiency: 90lm/w with NICHIA LEDs
2. Flexible installation angle for option

Detailed Product Description

Features of LED street light

1. Apply NICHIA NS3W183AT,3 chips in one LED eutectic process,total LED efficiency reach 84lm/w.

2. High Luminaire efficacy can help you get payback within 5 years to meet the standard.

3. Patent design optical module enlarge light distribution angle to 150 degree and meet the IR of IP66.

4. The metallic surfaces of the housing are thoroughly cleaned, etched, aluminum chromated and dried before the application of polyester powder coating.

5. Post top and side entry installation for option.

6. The luminaire construction consists of a power supply compartment and optical modules which help improving heat dissipation and safer

7. Our optical module incorporate extruded aluminium heatsinks, which are proven to work more efficiently than

8.Light sensor can avoid the mistake of ligting in day.

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Technical Specifications of LED street light:

Technical Specifications (Modern design)




Model No.





Input Voltage

90-260 VAC (24 VDC) , 50/60 Hz

LED Power Consumption





System Power Consumption





Power Factor


Total Harmonic Distortion


Surge Protection

>6.5 KV

Luminaire Initial Flux

26,083 lm


10,370 lm

6,521 lm

Luminaire Efficacy

>90 lm/W

Color Temperature

5000 K



Light Distribution Curve

IESNA Type II, short

Ingress Protection


Operating Condition

-40ºC - 50ºC, 10%-95%RH

Net Weight

15.2 Kg

13 Kg

10 Kg

8 Kg

Module Quantity





Packing Detail:

1). Product size:884*286*198mm

1). Cartron size: 1060*450*270mm.
2). Packing way: 1 pcs per carton.
3). Protection material: PE Foam.
4). Carton: export qualified carton with 3 ply cardborad.




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